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Xiaomi Security Camera 360 1080p, region i sygnał WiFi

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twoj sasiad nie ma tej samej kamery. ma podobna. twoja to MJSXJ02CM, a jego MJSXJ05CM. sprawdz na spodzie jest model podany generalnie masz firmware z regionu china, ktory nie dziala na eu. musis

nie wrzucaj randomowego firmware od innych modeli, bo moze sie cos sypnac zupelnie. tu masz recovery do tego modelu https://ufile.io/r2kimbcl

musisz ustawic na telefonie chinska strefe czasowa (GMT+8). potem robisz reset wifi w bramce i parujesz ja ponownie (majac wciaz chinska strefe na telefonie). po parowaniu mozesz wrocic na polska stre

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ok thanks...I'll try!!


i need to do exactly this script?

# extract firmware
mkdir -p files
dd if=tf_recovery.img of=files/kernel.bin bs=1 count=2097152
dd if=tf_recovery.img of=files/rootfs.bin bs=1 count=7733248 skip=2097152
dd if=tf_recovery.img of=files/data.bin bs=1 count=6488064 skip=9830400
dd if=backup.bin of=files/vendor.bin bs=1 count=131072 skip=16646144

# patch jffs2 partition
sudo modprobe mtdblock
sudo modprobe mtdram total_size=6336
sudo dd if=files/data.bin of=/dev/mtdblock0 bs=1
mkdir mount
sudo mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 mount
echo '#!/bin/sh' | sudo tee -a mount/bin/log_diag_platform.sh
echo '/mnt/sdcard/override.sh' | sudo tee -a mount/bin/log_diag_platform.sh
sudo chmod 755 mount/bin/log_diag_platform.sh
sudo umount mount
rmdir mount
sudo dd if=/dev/mtdblock0 of=files/data.bin bs=1

# update flash backup
mkdir -p out
cp backup.bin -f out/flash.bin
dd if=files/kernel.bin of=out/flash.bin bs=1 count=2097152 seek=327680
dd if=files/rootfs.bin of=out/flash.bin bs=1 count=7733248 seek=2424832
dd if=files/data.bin of=out/flash.bin bs=1 count=6488064 seek=10158080
dd if=files/vendor.bin of=out/flash.bin bs=1 count=131072 seek=16646144
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this is script to get root access. you need to do something similar, replace in your dump kernel/rootfs/data extracted from global firmware + you can add root to debug issues. just make sure you have good vendor dump, if you break it you can't login to xiaomi cloud anymore. you can send dump to my pm i will check if it's OK.

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