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  1. ok thanks...I'll try!! edit: i need to do exactly this script? #!/bin/bash # extract firmware mkdir -p files dd if=tf_recovery.img of=files/kernel.bin bs=1 count=2097152 dd if=tf_recovery.img of=files/rootfs.bin bs=1 count=7733248 skip=2097152 dd if=tf_recovery.img of=files/data.bin bs=1 count=6488064 skip=9830400 dd if=backup.bin of=files/vendor.bin bs=1 count=131072 skip=16646144 # patch jffs2 partition sudo modprobe mtdblock sudo modprobe mtdram total_size=6336 sudo dd if=files/data.bin of=/dev/mtdblock0 bs=1 mkdir mount sudo mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0 mount echo '#!/bin/s
  2. can I ask you for more detailed instructions? with the programmer I only dumped and flashed the bios of the motherboard of my computer .. I don't have a lot of experience .... but if you guide me on how to do it I can try ... so I don't care even if the camera breaks ...thanks again!
  3. I thought now that someone could do a dump of the global version it could flash with a ch341 ... I could dump mine ...
  4. because if I go to the camera settings I see that the firmware in use is 4.0.9_0178
  5. I have already tried to flash with the sd card but unfortunately I still have the Chinese version ... then the file on the sd card is renamed (.bak or something similar)
  6. I have a xiaomi MJSXJ06CM (2k) camera ... I have a ch341 programmer and I was wondering if it was possible to try to flash the global firmware on mine which is Chinese? even if it breaks there is no problem because I paid very little for it and in case I buy the global version ... but if it works it could help other people. thanks!!
  7. same for me...is it possible to have instructions? I tried to flash the firmware by putting the image inside the sd but nothing happens
  8. Witam wszystkich, mam też ten aparat i chciałbym wrzucić globalne firmware ... niestety mam wiele urządzeń na serwerze europejskim Chciałbym też to urządzenie przełożyć z serwera chińskiego na europejski.
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