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  1. Up......please @rezmus please help. Thank you
  2. Can you please help me I'm been trying to fix my Camera CCTV but still no luck. This is the details of my CCTV MJSXJ09CM SN:29048 i already tried this both firmware. but still no luck. Hope you can help me. Thank you so much in advance http://cdn.cnbj2.fds.api.mi-img.com/chuangmi-cdn/product/IPC029A02/firmware/IPC029A02_4.1.2_0281.rar http://cdn.cnbj2.fds.api.mi-img.com/chuangmi-cdn/product/IPC029A02/firmware/IPC029A02_4.1.6_0304.rar
  3. @rezmus i tried this firmware i have the same model and first 5 Serial No but did not work for me. This is the Details of my CCTV Thank you in advance
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