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Po aktualizacji systemu zegarka amazfit 2 przyciski fizyczne nie przewijają opcji po kolei tylko bezpośrednio z opcji tarczy przeskakuje na opcję GPS. Po kolejnym wciśnięciu wraca na opcję tarczy zegarka.

Proszę o pomoc w sprawie.

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Należy czytać opisy aktualizacji:

Applicable equipment: Amazfit Stratos/Stratos +
- Update GPS firmware for more stable location service
- Update indoor running algorithm (recalibration of mileage)
- Added news notification support for Korean and Thai
- Added "3 data big words" - 3 data fields display mode for sports interface
- Added outdoor swimming automatic segmentation settings
- Added "Sports Reminder" - can be found at:
Settings on the watch > General > Sports Reminder
1. Sports start reminder: automatically recognize the running and walking mode after opening, will remind the corresponding sports mode after 5 minutes of activity, and save the official data before;
2. End of motion reminder: automatically recognizes the end state of running and walking after opening, reminds the end after 10 minutes of the end of the activity and automatically pauses the movement.
- Added music playback control function during sports (the watch will display the control screen on the last screen after the music is played)
- Optimize motion center rate accuracy
- Optimize connection stability for iOS devices
- Optimize emoji expression display (temporarily does not support non-standard emoji expressions, such as partial expressions of WeChat)
- Optimize the mileage display after the end of swimming
- Watch button functionality changes:
1. When using daily functions;
a. Short press on the upper button to return to the dial directly on any interface, press the list of applications on the dial interface;
b. Short middle button functionality unchanged;
c. Lower button press to change to the previous layer interface on any interface. If the current tab is at the widgets layer, return directly to the dial.

2. After unlocking in sports
a. Press upper button to alter motion;
b. Middle button short press is for selection;
c. Short press the button to change the motion control option. The option can be cycled.
- Widget layout adjustments
1. The right side of the dial becomes only up to two widgets, and the rest are placed in the watch application list (need to wait for the latest App push);
2. The “sports record” on the left side of the dial is moved into the watch application list.

- Optimized in motion interface
1. Increase the motion control interface in the interface during the movement, and slide to the right by sliding in the movement;
2. After pausing, support to switch to other motion data interface by sliding.
- Repairing abnormal work problems that may occur with watches in low temperature environments
- Fix the problem of swimming to calculate the number of steps
- Fixed some translation errors in English, French, and Italian
- Bug fixes

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