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  1. Firmware | Mi Band 3 Without NFC | Bold Font (Polish) Use it with only BOLD Resources v46 only ! Last Updated: 08.03.2019 Warning: Unofficial version of FW, use the firmware at your own risk!!! (Tested on the MB3 without NFC, version CN (HW v0.18.3.2) and version GLOBAL (HW v0.18.4.1). At your own risk... We aren't responsible for bricked devices) Sources of modifications: @majsi, @xpaulos2, @MRMR. Thank you very much. (If there is a problem with correct viewing on the display after flash mod FW, you must also flash the original font package to MB3.) Download Bold Resources v46: Download Mod FW: Changelog: ⤳ Mod Version 0.0 : ★ Current Language set as default. ★ Language string changed from "Powiadomienia" to " Brak powiadomienia" and the same change for other languages. ★ The maximum number of notifications has been changed from 5 to 16. ★ Internal version of FW changed to to prevent automatic updating (based on the original version of FW ★ Date format D.M. ★ Date format with . instead of /. ★ Bold Font set as default. Mirror: * Mi Band 3 without NFC Firmware | EN, CZ, SK, PL, HU Bold Font (