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MIUI Hidden Libs


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Ficzer pozwalający odblokować w firmware opcje, z których developerzy zrezygnowali w nowszych wersjach MIUI.


AI HDR Enchantment: Enable AI HDR enhancement.

AI Image Enchantment: AI image enhancement (identifies objects to dynamically adjust display effects).

SYSTEM_DASHBOARD_AOSP: Direct settings of the Android system.

PRIVACY_AOSP: Android privacy settings.

MIUI_PERFORMANCEMODE: Balance and performance mode

AOSP_DND: Hidden settings for notifications in do not disturb mode.

Color Correction: Hidden screen color correction settings.

AOS_NIGHTLIGHT: Android night light mode.

Multiple User: Management and creation of local users.

PAPER_ADJUST_V2: Read mode settings.

Battery Info: Detailed battery information.

CERTIFICATE_MONITOR: Settings related to display panel certification.

DISPLAY_SIZE: Screen Zoom settings.

AOSP_NOTIFICACION_DASHBOARD: Android notification settings.

Vision Settings_SEUOT_WIZARD: Vision settings.

Clear Speaker: “Clean speaker” function.

MIUI_AGGREATE_NOTIF: Grouping of notifications.

Backup: Backup settings.

Usage Stats: Android usage statistics.

Anti-Flicker Mode: Anti-flicker mode.

AOSP Search: Android options finder.




Wysłane z mojego Redmi Note 8 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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