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  1. Experience buying good vacuum cleaner To buy a vacuum cleaner you need to pay attention to a lot of factors such as price, purpose of use, features ... to choose the best machine for you. Here are some tips to help you get more confident in buying a vacuum cleaner. Select a machine with low power and high vacuum The most important criterion when selecting a vacuum cleaner is the vacuum of the machine, if the machine does not vacuum well, you will have difficulty using. However, many people are still confused between the concept of vacuum capacity and capacity of the machine. The capacity of the machine is an indicator of the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum capacity is the capacity that shows the vacuum of the machine, the higher the dust extraction capacity, the more efficient the machine. The higher the power consumption, the more power it consumes, so when purchased, choose a machine with a capacity of 1600 watts or more, the suction power (if the company announced) is about 400 W or more is okay. Should buy a dust indicator light During the use of the vacuum cleaner, the dust builds up inside the dust bag. You need to clean the dust bag in time so that it will not harm the machine. So, if your home vacuum cleaner has extra dust light you will easily know when the dust bag is full and needs to be replaced. Dust bag Dust bags are made from a variety of materials. With paper bags, when dust is full you can throw away and replace with new paper. Cloth bags are removable and washable, no change, cost savings. There are also dust bags made of higher grade material that can absorb odor, antibacterial and filter dust. You should choose a dust bag with protective equipment to prevent damage to the machine when the metal objects. In the market there are also many types of machines with dust bags that are magnetically able to prevent scrap when in. Few other notes Machines with extra pull-out, push-button release will be more convenient than manual use. The length of the wire is also very important, the wire is long in length (the operating radius of 8 - 9m is easy to use, not the socket). In addition, there are also machines with suction cups and brushes to help you convenient to clean electric fans, windows, furniture ... Handles must also be easy to rotate and rotate to facilitate the process use. You can view the specific comparison articles between the products here