Changelog 2.10.26 ICS/JB

Changelog 2.10.26 ICS/JB
Najważniejsze zmiany:
  • Inteligentne grupowanie kontaktów
  • Widżet na pulpit, który po kliknięciu wyczyści pamięć RAM
  • Nowe funkcje edycji zdjęć w Galerii
  • Nowe ustawienia w Menadżer Plików

Pozostałe zmiany:

Optimise internet call (SIP) account details page button style
Fix the Internet call (SIP) account details page when clicking the upper left corner of the back button resulted in no response
Fix Sorting of T9 search results is not in accordance with the frequency of contacts
Fix opening the call interface page lag issue
Fix in some cases, unknown number calls leads to FC error

Add select a contact support Select (click menu key)
New full-text indexing search support allows to search Notes, company, position, nickname or any other field items
New smart grouping function to sort by location and other options
Added support for setting “Text avatar”
Optimisation of picture avatar scaling logic
Fix cannot delete just the name of a contact

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New, support for sending network SMS & MMS
Fix search cannot locate SMS sessions containing more than 200 items
Fix in some cases, MMS cannot be displayed
Fix in some circumstances, the right of the message list page appears without a scroll bar

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
New Variety lock screen framework support for variable incremental threshold trigger actions

Add new ‘Clear tasks’ app widget option, you can now clear up unused memory via desktop widget
New free desktop editing mode, you can now add a theme that comes with a small tool

Fix downloading wallpapers with the same file name cause some problems

Add a new version of the photo editing system, added “fisheye”, “border” effects (see editing mode for full info)
Fix gallery settings when guest mode is disabled results in some problems
Fix MMS application error when sharing pictures from the gallery application
Fix camera photos, text is misplaced in gallery home albums
Fix cloud album pictures in some cases fail to download all items
Fix cloud album picture download size calculation error problems

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Scroll bar “filter by size” optimised to enhanced sense of touch in paragraphs
Optimise downloading online music, will now automatically download album art and lyrics
Fix online music player cannot play full duration of music file
Fix “found music” songs may lead to repeated download problems
Fix in some cases the album covers may take up too much system memory

[File Explorer]
Advanced settings (New remote management options, transfer encoding, port number and password support and anonymous login support for FTP transfers

Fix some gesture operations return invalid response

Added jump to specific date function

[Anti-disturb / DND]
Fix anti-disturb DND function leads to telecom phone call process failure

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New, open and close notes folder animations
Added read and modify notes system permissions to protect user privacy
Optimisation to automatically open at the last left position of the list of note items the next time you open the app
Fix in some cases, bulk delete phone sticky notes leads to FC errors

Optimisation of Xiaomi account login process, enter incorrect wrong password, click on retry will return to the login page
Fix, Xiaomi account login page may open with FC error

[Video Player]
Added view video playback history function
New Online Video content source: Tencent video
Optimisation of the default icon in the upper left corner of the online video Home default cover

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