Changelog 2.10.19 ICS/JB

Changelog 2.10.19 ICS/JB
Najważniejsze zmiany
  • Nowa baza dla HTC One X: 2.17.707.3 (Android 4.0.4)
  • Nowa opcja menu podręcznego po naciśnięciu na kontakt w liście Kontaktów
  • Nowa aplikacja do raportu błędów.
  • Funkcja rozpoznawania twarzy (FaceUnlock) z dostępem z Aparatu (wybrane urządzenia)
  • Streaming wideo w aplikacji Odtwarzacz MIUI (tylko Chiny)

New, HTC ONE X update base ROM to 2.17.707.3
New, Huawei Ascend D1 update base ROM to B128

Fix call answering interface flashing issues
Fix setting a selected number for automatic call recording, if an unknown call is received may result in FC error
Fix automatic redial of numbers including extension prefix. Extension prefix will be lost when attempting to redial

New, contacts list page now supports long press menu operations (View, Edit, Delete, Send to Desktop)
Fix Google Contacts cannot be found in search
Fix number attribution information flashing issues

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New, you can now save a single picture when you are reading news from mobile
Optimise the SMS list page opening speed
Fix, MMS loading status icon position is incorrect

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
New, Front camera models support for Face Unlock security
Fix in some cases, Face Unlock setting does not take effect
Fix the security screen, entering password when the page is offset upwards

Optimisation of desktop layout switching
Fix in some cases, using multi-touch gestures may lead to FC errors
Fix when dragging in editing mode misalignment issues

Add new variety photo frame widget, will replace the old photo frame style
Add new “button” element to perform cancel operations
Optimise 720P devices photo frame widget display

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New “face recognition” switch option
Optimisation of front camera colours when taking photos
Fix screen will flicker when switching to the front camera
Delete “Touch to focus” and “Focus mode” switches

Fix, viewing album list page, the load order is displayed incorrectly
Fix album thumbnail downloads when incomplete will lead to being unable to delete items
Fix cloud album downloads, some pictures failed to download

[Account Setup]
Fix issue in the accounts list page, turning on/off sync switch will result in non-stop synchronisation
Fix, when Xiaomi account is deleted from accounts will still display causing problems

[File Explorer]
Fix, when decompressing file(s), the prompt is not displayed
Fix, cannot select file(s) from the category page

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Fix flickering display problems

Optimisation of the search button within the address bar

Optimise desktop widget style
Fix when sharing a note containing more than 20 pictures will lead to FC errors
Fix in some cases, image cannot be displayed in note(s)

Add a new version of user feedback application

[Alarm Clock]
Optimise “Snooze” alarm in the notification bar, clicking to cancel the alarm and improve pop-up alert

[Video Player]
New online video streaming capabilities
Optimisation of video decoder, now supports MJPEG (Motion JPEG) format

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