Changelog: MIUI 2.5.11 ICS

Changelog: MIUI 2.5.11 ICS
Najważniejsze zmiany
  • MIUIAndroid: Fix dla buga z Play na SGS2, framework-res.apk nie jest już edytowany, wszystkie ROMy są zipaligned
  • Usprawnienia w domyślnym lockscreenie (zużycie energii mniejsze o 80%)
  • Zmiany w kamerze: robienie zdjęć poprzez dotknięcie ekranu

Jak zapewne zauważyliście, spolszczenie do najnowszego MIUI zostanie wydane z opóźnieniem.

Fix native Android Chinese phonetic errors
New system search with set of sub search options
Optimisation of text editing interactions
Optimise Chinese Phonetics in T9 database
Optimised support for V4 Themes

[File Manager]
Optimise the sliding fluency between pages
Optimisation and upgrade of SD card page loading speed

Fix in some cases the prefix 0 fixed before the telephone number plus 86,results in dial failure
Fix SP numbers in the call log cannot be identified by their prefix
Optimisation to expand the dialer to enter contacts touch area to avoid inadvertent use
Fix CDMA answer vibration is too weak
Fix in some cases FC issues
Repair call interface contact names in some cases appear incomplete
Fix in some cases Wi-Fi switch leads to the Phone FC

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Optimise the contact list search results highlighting matching results
Optimisation of picture pop-up, height adjustment of the panel is too small
Optimised to add new numbers to contacts, highlight newly added number/s

Optimisation to edit text messages and delete, when pressing return key automatically leaves editing mode
Hide in non-chinese mode the Recommended tab settings functions (Thanks MarkHUK for the suggestion)
Fix – Compose new message button in messages list is placed in the middle of the bottom panel (Search is moved to menu)

[Lock screen, Status bar and Notifications]
Optimise the variety lock screen using dynamic frame rate, default lock screen power consumption reduced by 80%
Optimise the notification bar switch pop-up style
Fix screen wake up the screen, clock display results in delayed refresh
Fix duplicate display of operator name
Optimisation of status bar notification when no SIM card is present, shows “No SIM card” instead of “No Service”
Fix problem in quick opening screen shots
Reduce power consumption caused by auto-rotating of the screen

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New full-screen shutter: Long press the frame anywhere on screen to allow focus of object/s when taking pictures
Added new Camera preview feature (See Camera Settings)
Continuous focus mode is set by default in video mode (Change in Settings)

Optimise the file browser interface for SD card
Fix deleted due to insufficient memory leads to FC
Fix problem opening gallery sometimes leads to FC error when opening a picture
Fix FC caused by clipping images in special shapes in the interface of all photo folders

Fix now playing record not saved

New search settings sub key function
Add close button at the bottom of the menu, desktop keys and return key indicator

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Fix in some cases the Home bookmark preview image will not be loaded
Fix HTML5 video playback image distortion problems

Added new intercept list database

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