Changelog: MIUI 2.4.6 [ICS]

Marcin Moszyk
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[title-2]Najważniejsze zmiany[/title-2]

  • Nowa funkcja zegarka – minutnik
  • Nowe animacje w czasie robienia zdjęcia i pamięci masowej
  • Usprawnienie “popupowego” podglądu kontaktu, działa też kopiowanie numeru długim przytrzymaniem
  • Poprawienie działania folderów na pulpicie – po przeniesieniu ostatniej ikonki poza folder, będzie on automatycznie odświeżany

[title-2]System[/title-2]Repair Need for Speed FC
Fix problems with access to data usage

[title-2]Telefon[/title-2]New MIUI phone interface and functionality (requires data wipe)
Optimize operator SIM card to display a different name (Mobile Display SIM card, Unicom display the UIM cards, telecommunication display USIM card)
Optimise the Call log interface
Optimise vertical slide to answer interface, “hang up” and “hang up and send text messages” buttons swap position
Fix in some cases, selecting SP service numbers avatar causes FC

[title-2]Kontakty[/title-2]Optimisation of pop-up contact quick access interface
Optimisation of the pop-up contact quick access interface, now supports long press to copy number
Optimisation of Importing SIM card contacts, support background import, information is prompted in the notification bar
Fix some cases adding contacts to the group leads to FC

[title-2]Wiadomości[/title-2]Added support for LED flash notifications
Optimise SMS limits
Fix access restrictions, lock screen can still preview the content of messages

[title-2]Ekran blokady i pasek powiadomień[/title-2]Repair open screen angle does not show the rounded corners of the status bar
Fix in some cases, dragging the status bar in the process of switching theme leads to FC
Fix in some cases, switching themes the input method icon is displayed in the status column on the right

[title-2]Pulpit[/title-2]Optimize the last icon in the folder which is then moved out of the folder, the folder automatically refreshes

[title-2]Menadżer motywów[/title-2]Optimisation of 2.3 Icon compatibility

[title-2]Kamera[/title-2]New camera shutter animation and storage animation
Fix photo size settings errors
Fix starting the camera automatically sets the screen brightness to the brightest
Fix other applications call system camera instead of MIUI camera which often leads to FC
Fix the SD card prompt for storage space
Repair the auto focus prompt sound

[title-2]Galeria[/title-2]Optimisation of Gallery Home Album number total text
Fix the media scanner does not scan the phones internal memory
Clicking to open the picture, photo cannot be selected for deletion (Repair from the File Explorer)
Repair adding desktop widgets causes FC

[title-2]Przeglądarka[/title-2]Optimisation of the default navigation page, do not activate the toolbar at the bottom of home page bookmark button

[title-2]Zegar[/title-2]Added new timer function

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