Changelog: MIUI 2.4.27 ICS

Marcin Moszyk
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[title-1]Najważniejsze zmiany[/title-1]

  • Bardzo dużo fixów i poprawek bugów – zwłaszcza w domyślnym lockscreenie i aplikacji SMS
  • Galeria on-line dla zdjęć w kontaktach

MIUI 2.4.27 na naszej stronie prawdopodobnie zagości najwcześniej w sobotę.

Fix problems with Cartoon Match Wars FC

Optimisation to improve the call log loading speed
Fix service provider to show owner information, information displayed incorrectly
Optimisation of Telecommunications number attribution

On-line picture library support for choosing contact photo via Theme Manager
Optimisation of merge duplicate contacts UI interactions

Fix in some cases, you cannot open the dial-up message dialogue page
Fix FC when selecting contact to send a new message
Clicking dial key is invalid on message thread interface
Fix contact number attribution issues numbers stored with +44 / 07 for same contact do not show contact name
Fix management of advanced settings concerning SIM card SMS messages FC
Fix draft message cannot be removed in some cases
Fix problems sending Mms messages
Fix problem when deleting Mms messages, shows incorrect annex
Optimisation of new SMS time format method
New SMS / MMS application priority option to choose which application will receive the message first

[Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]
Fix lock screen when lit the time change is delayed for clock
Optimise the efficiency of the default lock screen functionality
Fix text message preview display from the Lock screen
Fix volume keys to control volume when reduced to vibration, the vibration status is not correctly shown in status bar

Optimise sliding screen gesture fluency

Add MIUI v4 support to display tray topic, edit mode to customise backplane style
Fix problem in Mixed (Customised) theme where the lockscreen wallpaper will not refresh when applied

Fix problem with SD card capacity notice when saving panoramic photos
Fix camera cannot adjust focus, sound and shutter sound problems

Optimise the photo details page and photo editing page styles
Optimisation to use the name that appears for album folder rather than the system path name
Fix problem when using Gallery when opening a picture, invalid URL causes FC
After wiping data, pre-set photos are re-copied
Remove some effects from photo editing options

New “Keep screen awake” function (See settings for more info)

Fix problem restore issues with ringtones

Optimisation of the vibration switch, split vibration switches into two options
Fix volume key controls, when the volume is reduced to vibrate, the vibration switch state from the status bar does not correctly show current status of volume

[File Manager]
Fix problems with SD card, selecting installation package (ROM) from system update leads to FC problems

[Download Manager]
Fix problem when selecting to only download using Wi-Fi, the download will still continue when only on a mobile network and Wi-Fi is disabled

Add new reading mode

Fix minimum volume adjustment issues, mute is still not available when volume is adjusted

Fix pop-up reminders via lock screen, rotating the screen will lead to problems

[Alarm Clock]
FC caused by pressing the camera button while ringing

Added new 4.0 user manual

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