Changelog 2.9.28 ICS/JB

Changelog 2.9.28 ICS/JB
Najważniejsze zmiany:
  • Nowe urządzenie z MIUI v4: Motorola Atrix 2
  • wydanie skupia się na poprawkach bugów i optymalizacji. Poniżej pełna lista


Fix “after”, “half an hour”, “hour ago” text problems
Fix boot vibration problems
Fix in some cases, when connected to the U (OTG) disk you cannot save / take screenshots
Fix full-screen mode is not able to see drop-down status bar

New view specific contacts (including unknown number) call records, each record shows the call number (if available)
Optimise anti-disturb call interception, the screen will no longer light up
Fix when using Bluetooth headsets, the call interface display shows unusual problems
Fix SIM card contact name using single quote “‘” in name leads to FC errors
Fix T9 search, enter “*” leads to display errors
Fix in some cases, unknown number calls cannot be answered / rejected
Fix in some cases the incoming call does not show caller interface so call cannot be answered or rejected
Fix ringtone and vibration problems
Fix problem with call log not being able to store more than 500 records

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Fix avatar sync to google causes deformation / distortion of avatar(s)
Fix in some rare cases, individual contacts cannot be displayed

Optimisation of MMS forwarding speed
Optimise viewing of SMS text messages, contact names or numbers which are too long will now scroll to show the full number
Fix long list of recipients in text box, text box text displays as white
Fix mass MMS sending state details
Fix SMS input box, the last line shows some display problems

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
New Variety lock screen picture frame support system to allow use of different picture frames
Fix personalised custom lock screen style does not take effect after being applied

Fix when deleting preset application and operation is canceled. The icon position displays with errors
Fix in some cases, open app folders flash repeatedly

Fix in some cases cannot display thumbnail wallpaper details page or Browse Pictures
Fix issue where U (OTG) disk is mistaken as SD card storage

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New HDR mode progress bar details
Optimise panoramic photo height from 640 pixels to 1280 pixels
Fix restoration of default camera settings
Fix panoramic photos when saved cannot generate a thumbnail preview

Add Gallery Home option, if no photos listed will give option to open camera
Added beginners guide to using MiCloud storage functions
Fix in some cases two or more duplicate albums are shown
Fix when using MiCloud albums in the albums library may lead to FC errors
Fix MiCloud picture albums when sending pictures, picture display size is shown incorrectly
Fix when clicking to see an enlarged view the more button has some issues
Fix when returning to gallery home screen from an Album page. The title text is overlapped

[Music Player]
Fix problems not being able to play .flac format files
Fix problem being unable to download music via online music interface

[File Explorer]
Fix, rename or create dialogue problems on the text box partial
Fix uncompressed files in the search results page and Favorites folder will lead to FC errors
Fix downloading from MiDrive, the file status prompt will display the wrong information

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New automatic calibration function added

Repair close tab animation and tab management problems

[Sound Recorder]
Optimise the recording list display
Fix recording cannot be recovered from the status bar cue points to open the list of recordings when the play button is pressed

[Anti-disturb / DND]
New clear black / white list confirmation prompt messages

Optimisation of sharing notes compatibility and support for sharing in or to more applications

[Alarm Clock]
Optimisation when adding a world clock, selection of time zone instead you can select a city. Also added support for Chinese characters, Pinyin and English search

[Video Player]
Interface optimisation of network cache status
Fix pausing video playback will cause problems in some cases
Fix bottom of the menu is blank in portrait orientation mode

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