Changelog 2.8.31 ICS/JB

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  • Nowa baza JRO03L dla Nexus S i Galaxy Nexus (Project Butter!!)
  • Nowa baza 6.1.A.1.58 dla Sony Xperia S LT26i
  • Przypomnienia o nieodebranych połączeniach
  • Sortowanie lokalnych dzwonków
  • Dekompresja plików .RAR w Managerze Plików
  • Lista uruchomionych procesów przez długie naciśnięcie miotły
  • Wsparcie rozdzielczości 1920×1920 dla obrazków w MMS
  • Ogólna optymalizacja działania pulpitu


Added support for local IP Calling
New, customise the reminder times for missed calls, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 times
Fix during call, moving phone away from ear, the screen does not light up

Optimise contact selection for sending SMS, you can now directly select the most recent contacts, groups or favorites.
Contact selection interface will no longer appear to optimise export of contacts to SIM card contacts

Optimise MMS maximum picture size support to 1920×1920
Optimisation for MMS failure to send message, can now manually re-send
Optimisation when switching to Xiaomi account, will be prompted about sync of SMS items found in other accounts
Fix in some cases the SMS popup prompt does not correctly display contact information

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
Fix problem of none-mute state, the caller cannot be heard
Fix call interface, the screen does not respond problem
Fix in some cases, lock screen lights / animations become stuck

New “Recommended” folder icon with theme changes
New MiHome Free desktop user prompts to use the functions
Add shortcut to load running tasks by long-pressing on on clean-up key in Task management
Optimise the desktop icon shadow and font size
Optimisation of third-party default icon for some applications
Optimise response time when icons are dragged to the edge (new screen) on desktop
Optimise folder animation and position
Optimisation of folder renaming operation
Optimisation, un named folders will be shown as ‘untitled folder’ if no name is provided for the folder
Fix in some cases, MiHome Free desktop loading is unsuccessful
Fix when adding a desktop widget, insufficient memory may lead to desktop FC errors
Fix problems in MiHome Free desktop editing mode, menu items are unavailable

New, Local ringtone support to sort by time added
Optimised wallpaper crop functions
Fix reloading page issues after applying new theme
Fix in some cases, replacement fonts does not prompt to restart the phone leading to garbled interface font issues
Fix HTC Desire S, changing part of theme module resulted in problems
Fix in some cases, Wallpaper details page from background task to foreground leads to FC error
Fix in some cases, online wallpaper details page thumbnail does not display correctly
Fix in some cases the theme details page leads to some FC errors
Optimise drop-down list styles in recommended theme page
Fix image preview problems

Optimisation to significantly improve the image quality on the Xiaomi MI-ONE / S+. Contrast and noise issues

Optimise MiCloud albums, only sync when charging, switched setting to Xiaomi account page
Fix lock screen wallpaper deformation issues
Fix use of front camera will automatically flip to rear camera issue
Fix download list occasionally shows as half-grey

Optimisation to improve the album cover artwork and lyrics quality (in cooperation with Baidu music)
Optimisation when music is playing, when a call is received music playback will be automatically paused
Fix being unable to bulk download online music
Fix in some cases pressing the return key after entering online music may cause FC errors

[File Explorer]
Added support to extract .RAR format files
Optimisation of decompression of archive when extracted will create a new folder of the same name as the archive
Fix downloading pictures from MiDrive may cause some display problems
Fix FC error concerning opening SD card in File Explorer (Manager)

Optimisation of the tab management interface

[Sound Recorder]
Optimise audio file support and background playback

Optimisation of grid pattern and quick dragging of notes fluency
Optimise when adding notes to create a folder, it is not required to input the folder name for the note(s)
Optimisation, add prompts on how to use new Notes features (first time use)
Optimise notes with pictures, now show picture preview in grid view mode
Fix the grid view stick notes folder, first notes are update with content changes

New variety lock screen frame support mechanism to support intercept touch events
Fix variety lock screen framework in some cases conditional parameter command does not work
Fix URL correction for
Fix Xiaomi account page does not update when theme is changed

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