Changelog: 2.8.17 ICS/JB

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  • Aktualizacja MIUI dla Google Nexus S i Galaxy Nexus do Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • Całkowicie nowy wygląd odtwarzacza wideo w Galerii
  • Możliwość kompresowania plików do zip w Menadżerze Plików
  • Dodanie możliwości stosowania motywów Launchera


Upgrade Google Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.1.1 JellyBean

Optimise the telephone recording interface prompt position adjustment (720P devices)
Fix deleted contacts, T9 search can still find contact entries when searching
Repair of CDMA mobile phones direct dial the extension number, the call page number highlighted the wrong info
Fix a few special circumstances leading to FC errors
Fix in some cases, T9 search finds less than actual total contacts
Fix some of SIM cards only display the name of one listed contacts
Fix contact cannot be deleted when the name contains “,” via call log

“Rebuild T9 search index” feature added in the new code to resolve some cases when contacts still cannot be searched
New first boot function, first time loading does not display by default SIM card contacts
Added on first load of application contacts, you can direct the use of Xiaomi account contacts
Optimise large font mode, the phone records will show the effect
Optimisation of large font mode, contact details page “Name” and “work info” display
Optimisation, no longer display the menu of options for “Group” and “Favorites” page or “bulk delete”

Fixed unusually rare issue, SMS sync results in the amount of traffic used
Fix using without SIM card, SMS synchronisation, the system does not automatically go into standby

Browsing wallpaper, does not load preview, temporarily displays thumbnail before displaying
Optimise the mix and match page layout design
Optimise theme details page full-screen preview animations
Optimise layout of the icons and fonts in the mix and match interface
Fix online resource details page, click continue to the next theme will not get more resources
Fix in some cases, online wallpaper application results in failure issues
Fix in some cases, application does not work after boot of music application
Fix process of the preview loading prompt
Fix returning from details page, you cannot fall-back to the correct list of resource items
Fix in some cases, the theme details page number indicator will disappear
Fix in some cases, the theme details page clicking on the page does not load causing FC error

New video player UI
Optimisation on the phone icon and display
Optimise slide left to view picture, jumping interface problems
Fix problem being unable to play video files from Album folders
Fix some of the app cannot use the library to open picture attachments
Fix phone part of the OOM error
Fix browse pictures page, decoding failure when the picture has been rotated / edited

New music lyric function, Baidu lyrics support added

Added support to turn off backup encryption (see Backup Settings)

[File Manager]
New file compression and decompression functions (zip format only for now)
Fix selecting to send files to the MiDrive from other apps leads to FC errors

Added support for read mode to support bookmark management

Optimise support backing up notes including pictures
Fix when in edit mode, multi-marquee position displays an error

[Alarm clock]
Fix large font mode interface display problems

przetłumaczone z Chińskiego przez MarkHuk z Miuiandroid

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