Changelog: 2.8.10 ICS

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  • Nowy framework MIUI do kontroli przepływu danych
  • Nowa funkcja: Skaner antywirusowy
  • Nowa funkcja ochrony systemu hasłem
  • Możliwość wstawiania klikalnych linków do Notatek
  • Rozszerzenie funkcjonalności pulpitu przy 720p i obsługa dodatkowych efektów widżetów (nowy zegarek z efektami)


New Variety framework to control and refresh content or crawl data
Add Variety framework supports other applications
New virus-scanning function
Add a password protection for system
Fix setting the ringtone when set to “no” leads to errors
Fix sound played only once issues
Repair the the Huaping problem
Delete confirmation prompt for the data network, convert from Wi-Fi

Optimise call recording button will not be clickable (because some devices do not support call recording)
Optimise update of attribution number of libraries
Optimal adjustment of the proximity sensor when hanging up, also avoid accidental dialing problems when phone is in your pocket
Fix Custom attribution information is deleted from call list. Attribution information is not updated.
Fix proximity sensor on some devices when in call leads to FC errors
Included in the fix number “,” cannot normally match the contact name

Optimise the contact list page account screen
Fix bulk deletion, you cannot remove SIM card contacts

Optimise MMS synchronisation, when MMS has been deleted its items will not continue to sync

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
New synchronisation status bar displays icons
Fix lock screen does not display the lock screen wallpaper when applied
Fix status bar is always displayed, showing checking SD card problem

Add dynamic wallpaper support
Optimize 720P devices desktop layout
Fix problem when name is too long, causes text over lap of adjacent icons
Fix RAM cleanup key button text problems
Fix in some cases large font used in some applications

Add Desktop widget support for richer dynamic effects (eg, screen can have a special animation effects)
New clock desktop widget dynamic screen effects
Optimise boot animation, so that it can adapt to the screen size
Optimise the theme home page layout
Optimised time taken to apply wallpaper in themes
Fix in some cases, wallpapers may fail to load
Fix theme application, memory leak may lead to FC errors

Fix screen freezing issue in Camera UI

Add Gallery to support large font mode
New cloud image copies only historical photographs simultaneously when charging (if set in settings)
Optimise load speed when first opening application
Optimisation to improve cloud picture albums when the screen turns off synchronisation speed will be reduced
Repair insert / delete / update the database leads to occasional FC error
Fix SD card error leads to the Gallery FC errors
Fix repeated download of the cloud picture albums

Fix synchronisation button toggle switch problems
Remove the font size in the secondary setting switch

[File Explorer]
Add support for other applications to select a file and sent directly to MiDrive
Optimise MiDrive usage via the file explorer to select the files from third-party programs
Optimisation to increase reading progress prompt when loading folders
Fix image thumbnails in some cases show the normal size instead of thumbnail
Fix renaming of file, you cannot copy / paste / or set as wallpaper
Fix cross-draw the screen in editing mode, editing mode will not quit

Fix issues when system language is set to Arabic, leads to FC error

Added support for notes to click on links to visit web sites or call phone numbers
Optimise the reminder dialog startup speed
Optimisation to reduce the update image scaling strategy, if the picture is too large it will be reduced to a screen display size
Fix modifying the system language leads to FC
Fix adding multiple contacts will lead to problems
Repair notes in contacts issues
Fix in some cases, adding a contact will result in the pictures displaying garbled (if added to note)

New addition of the original Internet transfer functions

[Alarm clock]
Optimize the alarm to sound, the screen does not automatically unlock when alarm is on

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