Changelog: 2.7.6 ICS

Changelog: 2.7.6 ICS

Najważniejsze zmiany:
  • nowa baza dla HTC One-X 1.29.707.11
  • poprawiony błąd z restartem Samsuga Galaxy S2
  • grafika 720p w aplikacji SMS
  • możliwość wyświetlania głośności i nazwy operatora na ekranie blokady
  • możliwość edycji motywu

Updated HTC One-X to 1.29.707.11
Fix FC error causing reboot on Samsung Galaxy SII i9100
Fix in some cases when using a custom DPI will cause applications to FC

New call recording file is saved including the contact name (the file name automatic filters illegal characters)
Fix (CDMA) APN settings to connect data accounts leads to FC error
New number attribution features added
Fix importing of FDN number spaces or “-” cause FC error

New – added option to sort messages by Server received or local time
Added 720P support

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
Add Variety lock screen support in the regulation of the volume shows the volume (requires supporting theme)
New Variety lock screen support to display the operator name (requires supporting theme)
Optimise & adjust notification bar traffic statistics UI
The status bar displays new Bluetooth device is connection status + Bluetooth device power (subject to the Bluetooth device support)
Fix in some cases, more than one notice displayed for the GPS position icon is not flashing
Fix full screen mode, the drop down notification bar response is sometimes not accurate
Fix compact mode notification bar, lower right corner of the icon is displayed as incomplete

Optimise the visual style of icons in the upper right corner

Added support for editing the theme
Fix part of the system in some devices, theme style does not take effect
Fix online ringtone preview sound unable to be played

Repair 3rd party applications to open the camera after capturing photo
Fix FC errors starting Camera application

Optimise browsing of the SD card, the default will Sort by Name
Optimal 12-hour increase in time format to display “Midnight”, “noon” descriptions
Fix sent and applied successfully to exit edit mode
Fix when there is no SD card, the gallery loading will lead to FC error

Fix music interface when adjusting the volume, the panel icon does not show correctly

New LED light settings options
Fix closing show password on screen, password is still displayed even when switching off

Optimisation – New bookmarks manager added
Fix (CDMA) cannot open online banking pages

[Download Manager]
Optimisation of switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi networks, downloads will be paused automatically while network switch occurs

[Monitor (Network Assistant)]
New application details page to show traffic usage by Wi-Fi and 2G/3G

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