Changelog 2.7.27 ICS

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  • możliwość włączenia lupy w Ustawieniach
  • rozdzielczość 720p dla Paska powiadomień, Nagrywania, Galerii, Menadżera Plików i Notatek
  • nowe urządzenie z MIUI v4: HTC EVO 3D

Added settings for magnifying glass text selection (See Settings > Full Settings > Input settings)
Added support for text editor, long press text to display magnifying glass
Fix some radio signal issues

Optimisation for long-press call records, select the menu for edit before call will automatically pop up the T9 panel
Fix the input field at the top of the dialer interface, selecting numbers would open input method keyboard
Fix the T9 search in some cases will lead to FC error
Fix setting without IP dialing numbers, the bottom of the “add numbers” section will be repeated

Optimise contacts interface horizontal screen issues
Optimisation of the group list picture loading speed
Fix adding ‘New contact’ when name is too long causes a memory overflow problem
Fix when synchronising Xiaomi account, decoding of some Wi-Fi services leads to FC error

Optimisation of network SMS availability, retransmission failure messages will be prompted when you can re-send message(s)
Fix problem in some cases where text messages are not displayed in the SMS sessions list
Fix new message, enter recipients, if more than the same number added (with and without prefix) will only show with prefix number
Fix system to clear SMS mute tone

[Lock screen, status bar and notifications]
New (high resolution devices) support for 720P resolution with status bar
Fix 720P devices unlock button dropped down too far

Optimisation to support 720P device interoperability with non-720P themes
Optimisation of listings loading speeds in some cases
Fix mix and match wallpaper option displays the wrong information
Fix in some cases returning from theme details page to list page results in FC error
Fix search results page cannot use the back key to return

[Camera] [MIONE ONLY]
New real-time video filters; Classic and Lomo
New panoramic photo’s now able to save location details
Fix pressing shutter, if the phone jitters make cause issues with photos
Fix camera store animation ghosting problems
Fix in some cases starting more than one camera interface

Added “Show on map” function to image details pages
Optimise the image details interface page
For optimal viewing of pictures, added quick switch to next picture / photo
New (high resolution devices) support for 720P resolution
Fix browsing cloud album(s) in some cases leads to FC error

New (high-resolution devices) support for 720P resolution

[File Explorer]
New (high resolution devices) support for 720P resolution

Optimisation when selecting web content text

[Sound Recorder]
New (high resolution devices) support for 720P resolution

New (high resolution devices) support for 720P resolution
Fix setting note reminders leads to FC error

[Alarm Clock]
Fix shutdown alarm clock, default ringtones issue

przetłumaczone z Chińskiego przez MarkHuk z Miuiandroid

Kup flagowca Xiaomi

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