Changelog 2.7.20 ICS

Changelog 2.7.20 ICS
Najważniejsze zmiany:
  • możliwość usuwania wybranych kontaktów
  • nowe ikonki przełączników, powiadomień na pasku statusu i notyfikacji
  • albumy online w Galerii – wymagane jest włączenie opcji przechowywania zdjęć w chmurze na koncie Xiaomi
  • nowy wygląd i możliwości Notatek

Optimise calls modify the contact record speed
Optimisation of restore of call records from the backup and recovery
Fix using the original corrugated lock screen, call background deformation
Fix in some cases to delete call records, results in sync problems

Added bulk delete contacts
Fix in some cases cannot synchronize address book

Fix SMS messages unable to send in some circumstances
Fix animated GIF in the drawing page will not play animated GIF
Fix list page, rotate the screen to exit the edit mode / search mode
Fix some PNG images cannot be sent as an attachment
Fix the attachment bar height shows incorrectly

[Lock screen, status bar and notifications]
New improved status bar and notification bar shortcut switch icons (toggles menu, notification bar and list etc)

Fix on recent tasks to remove a single application, causes an FC error

[Camera] (MIONE Plus Only)
New AF (Auto focus) switch
Added two new real-time filters: Classic and LOMO
New voice-activated shutter, support for taking pictures using voice
Opening zero-delay shutter, fix in some cases leads to FC error

Fix problems with previewing themes not loading correctly

New cloud albums storage support
Fix received GIF images view via gallery problems

Optimize the search interface, search results, real-time display
Optimise drag notes fluency
Optimise new notes, or move the notes to the notes folder, the notes will be created as a Sticky
Fix the New Memo button on the horizontal screen will appear stretched
Fix in some cases, dragging of notes leads to FC error problems
Fix drag and delete notes pop up input method issues

Fix open and close sync switch, did not trigger the synchronisation
Fix synchronisation instructions, In some instances there will be a null returned
Fix to closing the sync switch, changing whilst using Wi-Fi, will cause sync problems

[Alarm Clock]
MI-ONE Plus support for alarms when phone is in shutdown state

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