Changelog: 2.6.1 ICS

Marcin Moszyk
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[title-1]Najważniejsze zmiany[/title-1]

  • Domyślne ikonki i lockscreen w jakości HD (720P) – przygotowane na potrzeby urządzeń o dużych rozdzielczościach
  • Nowy monitor danych
  • Dodano możliwość ukrywania / pokazywania błędów FC (Ustawienia -> opcje developerskie)

Fix some applications, pressing the back key player gif results in locking
Remove the “Disable” button to disable the system applications on app info page to prevent incorrectly shutting down core services which may lead to stability problems

Optimise light-sensor strategy to tackle screen lighting issues
Optimise (CDMA) call ended still shows the green return to call information
Fix problems leading to FC caused by database errors
Fix in some cases the answering interface, vertical slide does not show the correct details
Fix creating new message from the contact list of selectable contacts does not disappear after choosing contact(s)

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]
Added support for displaying music spectrograph animations
Optimisation without SIM card will display the phone in Airplane mode
Optimisation of lock screen to provide 720P HD support
Repair the wrong call in green text colour problem

Added support for 720P resolution icons on desktop
Adding 4×4 Music Widget playing music sometimes leads to desktop not responding
Fix in some cases the Desktop widgets cannot be used
Fix in some cases long pressing the desktop (Home) button to open recent tasks list causes FC
Fix problem updating the default wallpaper

Optimise package download logic
Optimisation of theme thumbnail masks, description text is now clearer
Fix in some cases online themes does not show listing
Fix in some cases theme manager FCs
Fix select “Ringtones” through other applications such as Music player cannot play problem

Fix in some cases the scene mode cannot be opened from the function menu
Fix open shutter for zero delay, restoring the default camera settings still sets size to 8M pixels
Fix restoring video mode default settings and returning to view finger screen leads to FC

Optimisation of the image details page, double-click the small pictures are enlarged up to three times that of the original image
Optimisation, the filter does not display the size of a picture of 0 bytes
Fix image details page animation when opening pictures

[Backup Manager]
Added support for backup and restore of emoticons, lunar calendar / birthdays and Network Assistant (Monitor)
Fix problems restoring MMS attachments

Optimisation to indicate incoming Bluetooth file transfer interface layout
NEW Allow to show / hide system FC error messages (See developer options for further details)
Added restore factory default settings can be opened to delete application(s)
New Factory Settings
New Bluetooth information display and phone name info

[Download Manager]
Optimisation to delete all entries, exit edit mode more efficiently
Repair the switch “To download / download / downloaded” leads to potential memory leak problems
Fix creating a birthday notice is not updated in calendar
Fix delete a contact’s birthday calendar, birthday reminders to all empty (also requires you to manually clear the data: enter “calendar store” in the Application Manager, click the “Clear Data” button) (05-31)

Optimised the default setting is turned off for “Automatically adjust page” feature to solve the wrong layout of web pages in some cases

[Traffic Monitor]
Optimisation of traffic usage over limit, status bar prompts once per day only

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