Changelog: 2.5.25 ICS

Changelog: 2.5.25 ICS
Najważniejsze zmiany
  • Nowy tryb nocny
  • Usprawniono ładowanie albumów w Galerii. Zdjęcia ładują się ~5razy szybciej. Przy pierwszym otwarciu galerii po aktualizacji, usuną się cache więc chwilkę zajmie ich przebudowa.
  • Funkcja powiększenia (lupy) w trakcie edycji tekstu. Dłuższe naciśnięcie tekstu spowoduje jego powiększenie.
  • Nowy wygląd aplikacji Monitor i odblokowywania ekranu za pomocą wzoru

Added when manually installing an application the system will automaticall scan the app for viruses and security issues
New text editor function, press and hold on text to get magnifying glass
Optimisation to expand the m-key response range
Optimisation of the switch controls to replace the ideographic check controls
Fix panel (lower right corner) of current task list in “Task Manager” icon to click on a smaller area
Fix problem during call, cannot recognise some headphones when they are pulled out
Fix Exchange FC issues

Added support to make two short numbers
Optimisation of T9 to improve the search, synchronisation, update and import efficiency of contacts and reduce space and memory usage
Optimisation of number attribution input logic
Fix issues with SIP accounts causing FC
Fix in some cases the underlying state error leads to FC error in Phone
Fix in some cases sorting errors
Fix the number of contacts update error
Fix names which contain special characters (figures) cannot be directly searched for
Fix part of the multi-tone word problem of low-frequency sound
Fix in some cases the search will display repeated results
Fix cannot display SIP/Internet phone numbers
Fix in some cases strange numbers will be identified as contact problem
Fix problems where two SIP phone accounts causes FC if one is not set to main number
Fix FC error when invalid SIM is detected and attempting to set PIN lock code
Fix in some cases ringtone errors

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Optimise the location and style of the contact details / avatar popup panel
Fix problem when setting large contact photo avatars leads to FC
Added new support (including Gregorian and Lunar calendars) to add birthday reminders

[Alarm Clock]
Optimise the alarm interface resources package is deleted will cause the alarm to FC

Fix problem with messages, forwarding and copying details will not automatically exit the edit mode
Fix issues being usable to set SMS notification tones

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]
Added support for facial unlock (FaceLock)
Added support to hide screenshot notifications (See Settings for details on disabling screenshot notifications on the status bar area)
Optimisation of clicking on the notification bar switch toggles
Fix lockscreen password protection, when screen automatically switches off and you wake the phone the lockscreen does not return to the initial state it was left in previously
Fix notification bar download progress bar background error

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Optimisation of folder opening speed

Migration of V4 themes to new server
New support for themes to hide status bar lock screen icons
Optimise preview display effects for different devices

Add picture captured effects
Added two-finger pinch gesture zoom
Fix during focusing process, cannot exit the camera to view thumbnail previews

Fix FC issue for list of albums when pulling down list
Fix problems setting desktop and lock screen wallpapers when using third-party tools (unable to crop)
Viewing album picture optimised, significantly enhance the loading speed (up to 5 times more. First time app loads the cache will be rebuilt)
Fix part of the image size is displayed as a problem
Fix slideshow function causes FC error

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Fix when pausing music via the status bar controller, the controller in some cases disappears

Optimisation of pattern lock UI (increase pattern drawing accuracy)
Optimise hardware keys light for 5 seconds then automatically turn off

[Download Manager]
Fix problem where files cannot be downloaded over 3GWAP/ CN WAP
Optimisation of new night mode interface, 50% reduction in power consumption

[Access Control]
Fix problem when access restriction is enabled the password can be bypassed in some cases

[LED lights]
Fix problem setting LED light colours do not take effect

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