Changelog 2.12.14 ICS/JB

Changelog 2.12.14 ICS/JB

Najważniejsze zmiany
  • MIUI v4 dla Galaxy Note – Android 4.0.3
  • MIUI v4 4.1 Jelly Bean dla HTC One X będzie testowany.
  • Fix dla napisu “Brak sieci” w Nexus 7 – wiem… drobnostka, ale MIUI w końcu dotknął Nexusa, po pół roku wydawania MIUI na tablet.


Fixed certain scenarios where SMS error prompt displayed unusual problem
Fixed some MMS always showing “loading”
Fixed the issue of unable to send custom SMS while rejecting calls
Fixed MMS repeated sync issue
Fixed normal MMS which failed to send is displayed as Network MMS
Fixed SMS and cloud SMS repeatedly receiving the same message
Fixed FC issues caused by frequently transfers or sync SMS

[Lock screen, Status Bar and Notification Bar]
Added certain toggle shortcuts images change state when enabled or disabled
Added status bar switch descriptions
Fixed Nexus 7 status bar services
Fixed when connecting to WLAN from a roaming state, roaming indicator disappears
Fixed Power display during a charge is abnormal during network connection
Fixed status bar overly prompts received notifications

Optimize support for clearing cache in recovery mode to restore system default theme
Optimize automatic clean up for discarded themes
Fixed desktop clock preview issue
Fixed downloaded themes cannot be applied
Fixed issues with a lack of response from themes or non display of theme thumbnail
Fixed issue with downloading themes
Fixed displaying of local non-standard theme packs
Fixed thumbnail display for back-up themes
Fixed repeated theme resources issues
Fixed mix and match theme display issues
Fixed batch conversion format issues
Fixed lack of display of “loading” notification when activating local theme list
Fixed display issues upon deleting a theme
Fixed downloading issues with the same resource
Fixed issue with theme display due to lack of internal memory
Fixed issues due to theme formatting

[Video Player]
Optimized the stability of video player while network is weak (Mainly for Chinese users)

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