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Please, share the firmware of Security Camera 360(MJSXJ08CM) !

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15 hours ago, rezmus said:

Really appreciate for your help, rezmus !

Now my camera get back to work and being updated latest one after installing your firmware.

May I ask one more for using your firmware ? I know the tf_recovery.img but didn't about tf_update.img.

Could you explain what's tf_update ?


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19 minutes ago, rezmus said:

in latest firmware they replaced bootloader to fix some security holes. new uboot uses tf_update.bin as recovery file. if you put both files it will recover your cam no matter which firmware you had before.

Oh I see and thanks for your kind consideration !!

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On 11/21/2020 at 6:54 PM, rezmus said:

this cam works only on china region due to p2p server licence.

I bought 2 cameras. One is working fine. The other has a flat orange light and I tried EVERYTHING but it just stuck flat as a plug it on power. I didnt upgrade the firmware. I think it might be broken somehow.
Tried to reset. 6-8 sec holding reset. With and without sd card...

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