Optimization - Update Android Security Patch to November/December 2019. Increased system security.
New - Mi Max 3, Mi 8 Lite - update to Android 10
New - New package installer
New - New permission manager
New - Sides swipe up gesture for open Google assistant
New - Direct call option in SMS messages

Lock screen, notification bar, status bar
New - Added screen animation effects
New - Added animation of wait for activation for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other quick switches
Fix - Fixed issue that app notification settings page couldn't be accessed through notification bar
Fix - Fixed issue - Error prompt wasn't displayed after five consecutive unlocks with wrong fingerprint
Fix - Fixed issue - occasional notification bar became large and misplaced
Fix - Fixed issue - Media notification progress bar wasn't synchronized with real music progress
Fix - Fixed problem of invalid and abnormal shortcut tap in Second space

Optimization - Optimize face data entry process
New - Now you can display information about IP address and DNS server address for mobile network
New - Face unlock supports entering two face data

Fix - Fixed issue of long screen flickering, duplication, and non-scrolling in some apps
Fix - Fixed issue of overlapping images at the bottom of the long screenshot