New - Added support for Bluetooth LHDC encoding format (Mi 9, Mi 9T Pro)
Fix - Bold text is not working as expected in certain apps.
Fix - Wi-Fi hotspot: An error occurs when setting up a 5GHz hotspot in Europe region. [Snapdragon 710/712 devices only]
Fix - Installer: Error "No apps can perform this action" when trying to install APKs with File Manager in certain conditions.
Fix - Quick settings: Ultra Battery Saver tile cannot be added.
Fix - Security: Permissions need to be manually granted to third-party SMS apps for them to work. [Android 10 only]
New - Dark mode for Security app

Lock screen, notification bar, status bar
New - Screen dimming animation effect
Fix - Face detection was turned off when entering lockscreen and returning to lockscreen during face unlock detection
Fix - Bluetooth battery icon was displayed abnormally
Fix - Wi-Fi quick switch response stuck
Fix - Occasionally system didn't respond when switching between space using pattern password
Fix - Eye protection mode was disabled after turn on this mode and lock screen
New - Use app icons for AOD notifications