Optimization - Updated Bluetooth protocol for unlocking screen by Mi Watch support (Redmi K30 Pro)
Optimization - Updated Android Security Patch to July 2020
Optimization - Updated GPU drivers
Fix - Dynamic font scale and weight was not applied in Dual apps
Fix - Super/Live/Video wallpapers were always applied to the lock screen when set only to the home screen
Fix - Full screen gestures didn't work even after exiting from Ultra battery saver mode

Status bar, notification bar
Fix - Occasionally couldn't trigger notification bar from the launcher

System launcher
Fix - App shortcuts weren't available on Widgets menu
Fix - Letter wrapping was wrong for one-word called apps

Fix - Removed Xiaomi's tracking from Notifications app

Fix - Double tap on SMS message to enlarge text feature wasn't working

Fix - Removed Chinese text on the bottom QR scan result menu

Fix - Disabled Chinese translation popup

From September 5th, the beta will end for the following devices:
Mi 8, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Mi 8 Pro (UD), Mi 8 SE, Mi 8 Lite, Mi Max 3, Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 2S