New - Enabled Super wallpapers for all supported devices by
ATTENTION: This feature might cause certain issues like lagging, heating up or battery drain - it's your choice! If don't you want to use it, you can use normal wallpapers, but don't complain about these issues, if would they happen on your device. Any complain about that on the forum might just get banned. Thanks!
Fix - DRM-protected content couldn't be displayed normally (Redmi Note 8 - disabled Widevine L1 for now, it'll be added back when Global Android 10 is released for this device)

Fix - Crashing on start for some users

Fix - Certain e-mails were not visible in Dark mode

Fix - "Last copied URL" text was displayed on Chinese

Optimization - Redesigned accessibility settings

Fix - Crashes in the background for certain languages, like Italian and Turkish

Fix - 4 video filters: Black gold, Green Orange, Cyberpunk, Black ice (Mi 10 Lite Zoom)

Always on display
New - You can select what should be displayed or not displayed on your AOD: notifications, battery status, date and time, steps
Fix - Incorrect date format with "Super wallpaper" option enabled on English (UK) language

New - You can select atmospheric pressure unit on the settings

From September 5th, the beta will end for the following devices:
Mi 8, Mi 8 Explorer Edition, Mi 8 Pro (UD), Mi 8 SE, Mi 8 Lite, Mi Max 3, Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 2S