Fix - Unable to change volume level by touching slider on the screen
Fix - Unable to change brightness level via slider on Settings

Status bar
Optimization - Increased max number of notification icons from 3 to 5 (except for wide-notch devices)
Fix - Time disappears from status bar occasionally
Optimization - Switch for swap Control center side
Optimization - Disappearing status bar on home screen after scrolling down in app vault

Notification panel
Fix - Weather info overlaps the date in the notifications panel

Fix - FC caused by running Cleaner twice
Fix - X and V icon in Automated tasks view weren't visible when dark mode was enabled
Fix - Removed Chinese words from Automated tasks settings

Fix - Issues with taking photos after turning on HDR and AI camera [Mi 10/Pro]

Fix - "Expand top notification" option wasn't visible
Fix - Unable to set 5G network (no switch) on 5G supported devices
Fix - FC when are you trying to turn on Lite mode
Fix - "Full screen display" setting is missing (Mi 6/Mi Note 3)

System launcher
Optimization - Restore "Swipe up from corner for Google Assistant" option (Android 10 devices)

Super wallpaper
Fix - Cannot select a location for Mars super wallpaper

Fix - Error 404 when attempting to download font
Fix - "Super wallpapers" are not available on some flagship devices

Mi Mover
Fix - No translation for other languages than English/Chinese