New - Added 5G smart switch (device will switch to best available networks when 5G connectivity is poor)
Optimization - Updated certain Bluetooth devices animations
Fix - Enabled (experimentally) support for LED notifications {Redmi K30/5G)

Status bar
Optimization - Status bar can be displayed on new Notification panel view now

Control center
New - Added Scanner switch
New - Drop-down menu in the status bar in upper right corner of Notification panel to call out Control center
Fix - "My data" tile was being reset to Data usage when Control center is expanded

Optimization - Factory reset options have been moved to "My device" view
Fix - Missalignment of Home screen icon

Data usage
Fix - System didn't correct stats automatically after modyfing plan
Fix - Font size of the popup window was incorrect

Battery saver
Fix - Abnormal wake-up stats in battery usage stats while power saving mode is activated

New - You can select how'd you like to manage "More" card now

Fix - FC on certain devices (e.g. Mi Mix 3)

New - You can turn off weather sound changes now