CHANGELOG 20.11.25

New - Power UI redesign [Android 10 devices]
Optimization - Updated Android Security Patch to December 2020 [Redmi Note 7]
Fix - Silent mode was turned on automatically after a reboot
Fix - Volume panel couldn't be expanded when "Default volume control stream" is set to "Ringtone"
Fix - The new volume panel caused crashes when the device is rotated in some cases
Note: we know about certain issues like volume panel misplacements or gray header in some cases - it's nothing what can we fix, it belongs to Xiaomi.
Fix - Couldn't connect to certain Wi-Fi networks due to HTML Viewer crash
Fix - French language was missing

Control center
Fix - Long press of the Dark mode toggle didn't redirect to the Dark mode settings

New - Battery usage stats redesign

Fix - "AI preloading" setting didn't change if the switch icon is tapped

New - New "More" tab layout [Android 10 devices]

Android 11 ROMs are suspended this week due to fixing System UI patches