Changelog 3.1.11 JB/ICS

Changelog 3.1.11 JB/ICS

Najważniejsze zmiany
  • Nowy wygląd aplikacji Kalkulator
  • Poprawki wyświetlania zdjęć i miniatur w Galerii
  • MIUI dla HTC One S od następnej wersji nie będzie już wydawany co tydzień


Fixed – caller display showing incorrect area codes
Fixed – MiTalk voice messaging and incoming call rebooting issues

Optimise MMS load and paddling speed
Optimisation to significantly enhance the top area of the screen, write text messages “recent contacts” display speed
Fix in some cases being unable to send MMS through network provider
Fix in some cases you cannot open the network SMS
Fix in some cases, you cannot start the SMS synchronisation

Fix in some cases, Themes and comments show the wrong details
Fix in some cases opening the “theme” app will result in FC errors
Fix in some cases some authorisation failure problems
Fix applying font change to notification bar did not take effect

Improve image scaling logic, pictures will automatically view at fullscreen
Fixed – When changing fisheye to cropping function results in an error
Fixed – After closing Xiaomi account, cloud gallery is irresponsive
Fixed – When deleting image, the image is located in another location
Fixed – When deleting pictures on the screen, the screen becomes blank

Add new Calculator version

Fix video and music play sound at the same time
Fix in some cases when you play a video, the time is displayed incorrectly

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